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slots amr e cnr If you’ve seen one of the newer motherboards or read the motherboard shootout in our February 2001 issue, you must have noticed a new type of ‘slot’.Audio Modem Riser Esta ...

What is AMR (Audio/Modem Riser or AMR slot)? - Definition from ... AMR (Audio/Modem Riser) is a specification developed by Intel for packaging the analog I/O audio functions of modem circuitry together with a codec chip ... CNR/AMR Audio Issues - More Than A SoundBlaster - Tom's Hardware Sep 25, 2001 ... The introduction of CNR and AMR slots on the motherboard were supposed to help vendors lower costs and develop sound cards to use these ... AMR, CNR, ACR e HDMR: os esquecidos - 4 Mar 2011 ... Os slots AMR e CNR por sua vez, foram encontrados principalmente nas placas da PC-Chips, ECS e Phitronics, onde eram usados pelo ... Motherboards and Buses - Upgrading and Repairing PCs - page 267

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Amr Slots Definition - What are AMR/ACR/CNR slots and AC ... Os slots ACR são Risers para a conexão de placas de som e modems de baixo custo, assim como os slots AMR. 66MHz/64bit: If 250MB/s full duplex isn't sufficient, use a wider port. The AMR slot was superseded by the communications and networking riser (CNR) and the advanced communications riser (ACR), which also became obsolete. AMR & CNR - YouTube

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Audio/modem riser - Wikipedia The audio/modem riser, also known as an AMR , is a riser expansion slot found on the ... Technologically, it has been superseded by the Advanced Communications Riser (ACR) and Intel's own Communications and Networking Riser (CNR). Advanced Communications Riser - Wikipedia

PC Riser Card Descriptions; ACR, AMR, CNR, ATX Interfaces

Communications and networking riser (CNR) ... or modem functionality in any combination on a CNR card. CNR slots were once ... As with AMR, CNR had the cost savings ... Cnr Slot Definition - Cnr Slot Definition, 23 Oct 2004 .. AMR (Audio Modem Riser), CNR (Communications and Network .. You will only find one of these slots at a time, i.e., if a ... What is an Audio Modem Riser (AMR)? - Definition from ...